“We Proudly Serve” – Starbucks coffee corner in Baylis House Hotel Slough

Baylis House Hotel proudly introduce our new 'We Proudly Serve' Starbucks coffee corner.
We now offer our guests the real Starbucks!
It is not only hotel guests who can enjoy the Starbucks originals, everybody is welcome to drink their coffee or Frappuccino in our cosy hotel bar. Not only can you enjoy your drink in our hotel bar you can take it away as well! During the summer Frappuccino’s will be much appreciated as they are served ice cold. During winter you can enjoy one of the hot coffees from the Starbucks range.

This is precisely the reason why we chose Starbucks as their expertise in making the perfect coffee gives us the opportunity to offer the best quality to our hotel guests and other customers.

To celebrate the opening of the ‘We Proudly Serve’ Starbucks coffee corner, we are offering a tasty promotion: our Starbucks Promo team will be out distributing flyers, so when offered such a flyer you can enjoy a free muffin with your coffee.

At the Baylis House Hotel Sough you can save up for a free coffee with your free membership card, when you buy 10 coffees the next one is on the house!

Where can you find us?

Baylis House Hotel
Stoke poges lane


We're proud to serve Starbucks Coffee at our hotel. We have a Starbucks Coffee shop conveniently located in our Bar. Stop in and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks. There is also free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating area to enjoy.